Using Idea Contagion to Combat Virus Contagion

"Virtual Idea Blitz" in response to COVID-19 (March 20-22)

Virtual Idea Blitz
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Grants now available for entrepreneurs and teams working on solutions in response to COVID-19.

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The Weekend Idea Blitz

Recognizing the need for collaborative cross-functional solutions to the Covid-19 situation, a group of Entrepreneurship & Management Professors from Indiana University have adapted the “idea blitz” process -- used by today’s most innovative firms -- to help surface and accelerate ideas focused on helping our community navigate this virus.

The first idea blitz weekend took place on March 20-22. Over 200 entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, MDs, VCs, professors, students from around the world came together to surface ideas and get them to the basic prototype stage. By design, the event was fast and furious – it all took place over just a weekend – Ideas were related to medical resources, tech applications, social distancing products/services, remote working, community interventions, virtual education, health outreach, etc.


The goals of the program include expanding awareness of the many pain points associated with the virus outbreak and response, championing collective efforts to develop solutions, and if viable orchestrating a collective response through social entrepreneurship and volunteerism.

The outcomes of the weekend were extraordinary and immensely gratifying. An open call was issued and participants from around the world joined the effort. Over 20 ideas emerged (original projections were maybe 3 or 4 would surface) and teams were formed and challenged to move from idea to prototype and pitch within 48 hours. Pitches from (most of)* the teams appear below. 

Basic Overview:

Friday (5:30 pm): Launch and join a team to discuss pain points and begin to develop an idea.

Saturday (All Day): Continue blitzing and work on project

Sunday (All Day): Finalize idea and prototype, create pitch videos. Evening Virtual Reception.

*some teams opted not to post thier pitch videos publically for a variety of reasons.​



This event was a collaborative effort between several entrepreneurship and management professors at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. 

Organizing Group & Presenters:

Regan Stevenson
Will Geohegan
Matt Josefy
Trent Williams
Sophie Bacq
Greg Fisher
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Social Value
Highlights from the original COVID-19 Idea Blitz

(Mar 20 -22, 2020- Hosted Virtually by Indiana University Kelley School) 

Pitch Videos

In just 48 hours the teams developed their ideas, created MVPs, and recorded pitch videos for their concepts. Take a look at them below.

Supporters of Scale

The firms below were supportive of our collective grassroots efforts to fight back against COVID-19 and have expressed interest in facilitating scale for our teams where possible (e.g., mentorship, funding, innovation support). Thank you!



We want to thank all of our professional mentors from around the world who participated in our initial virtual idea blitz weekend.

Bhargav Pandravada 

Brad Fulton 

Brian Bergman

Carolyn Goerner

Chantal van Esch

Cristiano Guarana

Cy Megnin

Dan Meek

Doyle Buehler

Emily Neubert 

Eric  Steele

Eric Zorrilla

Erica Kovacs 

Fred Schlegel

Goran Calic

Jason Whitney 

Jim Davis

Joel Adams 

Kyle Keeney

Mark Gramelspacher

Markus Vodosek 

Matt Josefy

Matthew Kolakowski

Nico Ferreyra

Pam Hoelzle

Pat Flanders

Regan Stevenson

Richard Ash 

Robbie Grigg

Sara Cochran

Sarrah Lal 

Sophie Bacq

Susan Loucks 

Tatiana Kolovou

Tony Farmer

Victor Bongard 

Vishal Sresth

Will Geoghegan 

Abigail Wirtz

Adam Sobol

Aimee Gervais

Aisha Kokan

Aishwar Agarwal  (Idea Lead)

AJ Raymond

Akhila Sharma

Akshay Garg

Alaina Thompson

Alec Levine  (Idea Lead)

Ali Amin  (Idea Lead)

Amanda Collins

Amani  Jambhekar  (Idea Lead)

Amit Kulkarni  (Idea Lead)

Andy Dinger

Anoop Chinthala  (Idea Lead)

Angie Washburn  (Idea Lead)


Ashley Cribb  (Idea Lead)

Ben St James

Bill Riantan

Bo Li

Brian Tao

Bryce Bow  (Idea Lead)

Chase Rosett

Chloe LaPlante

Cristina Suazo

Cullie Poseria

Dalit Merenfeld  (Idea Lead)

Dani Traphagen

Daniel Guerra

Devin Burnell

Drew Fagin

Emily Helbing

Emma Goulet

Eric Ramos

Ethan Feder

Fakhouri Xavier

Fatmeh Fawaz  (Idea Lead)

Frances Untalan

Gabriella Paniccia

Grace Mower

Greg Riffel

Hal Beresford

Hannah Smalley

Harrison Wesner

Huixuan Ding

Hunter Hawley  (Idea Lead)

Ian Ashcraft  (Idea Lead)

Jake Goldberg

Jason Pennington

Jenni Dinger  (Idea Lead)

Jesse Wolfe  (Idea Lead)

Jing Yue

Joe Wojniak  (Idea Lead)

Josh Bromberg

Justin Phillips

Kat Grigg

Keerthana Indukuri

Kelsey Gregory  (Idea Lead)

Kendrah Neff

Kenna Worcester

Laura Swaney

Lauren Marino

Leah DeVito  (Idea Lead)

Leela Breithaupt

Lizzie Turner

Luke Montgomery

Marcus Gershenberg  (Idea Lead)

Markus Vodosek

Matthew Kolakowski

Matthieu Jarrett

Mia Melchiorre

Michael Suttle

Michael Wayne

Mithun Rajan

MJ Lowinger

Nick Chominski

Nishant  Medicharla  (Idea Lead)

Panayiota Panayi

Parvez Kokan  (Idea Lead)

Patrick Ochynski  (Idea Lead)

Paul Micheli

Pavithra Sachidananda

Perry Kimelman  (Idea Lead)

Pratshik  Vaghela  (Idea Lead)

Regina Funk

Saksham Sinha

Sakshi Agarwal

Salomon Levy

Samson Pollak

Sanil Sawlani

Sean Nees

Sonam Vashist

Sourav Sinha  (Idea Lead)

Steven Nowaczyk

Steven Rigg

Sunthoshi Tejaswi Kothapalli

Susan Hanover  (Idea Lead)

Suzana  Nikitovic  (Idea Lead)

Sydney Manis

Syrenah Stein

Taylor Worthington

Tijmen  van der Maas (Idea Lead)

Trevor Cook  (Idea Lead)

Tucker Burton

Varda He

Vishi Singh


Weijia Wang

Will Hobick  (Idea Lead)

Xenia Qian

Yusuke Katsuyama  (Idea Lead)


Thank you to all of our participants.


Past Events

Want to run an idea blitz in your organization or institution?

In addition to the launch of several new social ventures,  the idea blitz program does two other critical things.

1. First, it harnessed the nervous energy felt by many and redirected their time and energy into a positive, constructive outlet. Participants received an entrepreneurial learning experience and also compared the weekend to a form of positive group therapy.


2. Second, our COVID-19 idea sprint was one of the first virtual collective movements in the world to bring together entrepreneurship, tech, doctors and other professionals. Since we completed our idea sprint, several other institutions from around the world have announced plans to launch in their own regions. Usually, when you’re thinking about strategy, you’re thinking about what you can do better than anybody else. In this case, if we broadcast an idea and somebody else decides to replicate, alter, or improve on our idea sprint, then that would be a fantastic outcome. All of humanity is united in this fight!

If you would like to run an idea blitz for your organization facilitated by our team, please feel free to contact us for more details by clicking here


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