An intensive and compressed educational experience for students, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators or social change-makers.

An action-based program that combines and builds upon several innovation processes.

A way to focus your team's collective efforts toward developing new solutions for customer pain-points and/or societal challenges.

A structured experience for getting your team comfortable with uncertainty, building entrepreneurial competencies, and demystifying the ideation and validation process

Who benefits from participating in an idea blitz?

Corporate Teams
Looking to innovate within your organization? Consider signing up your team for a corporate Idea Blitz

Business Professionals
An idea-blitz is a great way to view the full picture of a new venture or corporate innovation project. 

Entrepreneurial Teams
Add value for your venture by joining a startup idea blitz. Get closer with your entrepreneurial buddies and maybe add to your existing venture.

Students & Researchers
Designers, Scientists, Technologists, MBAs and Undergraduate students in all programs will likely find value in participating in a Idea Blitz

Hundreds of professionals from across the globe have participated in past idea blitz programing (6 continents to date)!