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Faculty at Kelley offer their innovative and entrepreneurial expertise to fighting COVID-19

Many of those efforts arose from an “Idea Sprint” organized by several management and entrepreneurship professors. They pulled together more than 200 entrepreneurs, coders, engineers, medical doctors, nurses, venture capitalists and other business professionals, who worked virtually and developed 19 potential solutions for problems arising from COVID-19. Read More

Kelley School provides financial support for social ventures coming out of Idea Sprint Weekend Against COVID-19

Kelley School Initiative Sparks Ideas From Around the World to Address Problems About the Coronavirus

Kelley School initiative results in more than 21,000 surgical masks donated to hospitals.

The #RealHeroesNeedMasks initiative was a result of an "Idea Sprint" organized by faculty in Kelley's management and entrepreneurship department. Since it launched March 22, the initiative already has collected and donated more than 21,000 masks to hospitals in Indiana, New Orleans, New York City and Houston, where co-founder Dr. Amani Jambhekar lives. Read More

IU student leading mask distribution effort.

The idea sprint took place in mid-March with the goal of addressing problems caused by COVID-19. Jambhekar ended up helping with an initiative to get surgical masks to hospitals in need.

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IU professors start initiative to address problems created by COVID-19

IU professors in the Kelley School of Business organized an initiative to encourage people from around the world to pitch ideas to combat problems arising from the coronavirus pandemic, such as the lack of medical supplies, access to groceries, and the challenges of online learning.

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CIBER Focus: Discussing Idea Sprint Weekend Against COVID-19 with Professor Regan Stevenson