Hear From Our Past Participants

Matthew L

"Seeing the amount that could be accomplished in a small period of time was very surprising"

Susan H

"I could not recommend the Idea Blitz enough!" 

Bill D

"It's a lot of work, and a lot of fun. Embrace the process"

Punya M

"It taught me how to handle uncertainty and how to build trust with a team"

More Testimonials

"This weekend opened my eyes to entrepreneurship"

"Without you guys, I don't think I could start my entrepreneurial journey ever."

“This was a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed working with my team!”

"I learnt a lot and made some new friends. Starting a business is my dream and the Idea Blitz was a perfect tool to learn. Thanks for
providing this opportunity and I will be reaching out to you guys for advice on my startup. Two big thumbs up on the Idea Blitz!”

"This was an experience I will cherish throughout my life. It has opened my mind, my thinking and outlook on how to make an idea into something tangible. Before this class, I was unsure if I could be creative or an entrepreneur but now I am confident that I will someday soon will start my own business. Thank you.” 

"We had a lot of incredible ideas and input from the entire team. Everyone was so passionate we really put ourselves in a time crunch at 
the end, but overall the learning experiences of the Idea Blitz are something that I will take forward in more than just my professional life"

"Honestly I never thought I'd learn so much (including creating an app/website from scratch).
That's so much more considering we just worked on an idea for 3 days."

“This was a very rewarding and beneficial exercise so thank you to all the instructors and cohorts for conducting this successful event. All the instructors did a phenomenal job of keeping the seminars and instructions crisp and very much to the minute (great time management)” 

"Crazy to see so many people come together for a single mission"

"Our mentors were amazing, they stayed with us for 12 hours straight"

“It was really fun working with this team to create this company
and product. By the end of the weekend we felt like a family!” 

“Idea Blitz March 2021 was a fantastic experience. I really lucked out with my team. Our idea was interesting & motivating, every team member exhibited enthusiasm, encouraged and supported each other through every step... It's amazing what a group of "switched on" strangers can do in just the span of a weekend when they're fully aligned and focused.” 

"Actually putting our skill sets, passions, and drives to something that can potentially
make a difference has been a unique and valuable experience, and I have learned a-lot.